- Sara W. (EntrepreneurBranding and Social Media Strategist)

“Amanda has a gift of knowing how to motivate, comfort and inspire people to action - in sales/business but also in their personal lives/endeavors that I’ve never seen or experienced before - even while with a Fortune Global 500 company.

I contribute so much of my growth to conversations with Amanda that I couldn’t be more grateful for. Within sales alone, she helped me believe that my goal/vision was actually possible and attainable and then helped me break it down into achievable milestones that made it no longer overwhelming or intimidating.

For high performers struggling or feeling stuck in their careers, I couldn’t recommend someone more. Amanda gets it. She has the ability to help someone believe in themselves and their goal, remove the emotion, and take action - no matter their background. I use the lessons she’s has taught me daily."

Hannah R. (Franchise Owner and Corporate Leader)

“ There are some people that come into our lives to help mold us into the best version of ourselves. Amanda has been one of those people for me. There have been so many truths she has helped me discover, with the main one being my worth. She helped me uncover lies I had believed since childhood, and discover that I am worthy of abundance in every aspect of my life. She is the one that instigated my journey of believing in my power and that I am capable of being whoever I want to be and doing whatever I want to do in this life.”

- Caitlin L. (Pharmaceutical Sales and Leadership Development)

“Have you ever had a moment when you feel “stuck” in your career? Amanda is just the person to help you get “unstuck”. Whether you are looking to take on a new challenge in your current workplace, have aspirations of pursuing a leadership role, or considering venturing out on your own, Amanda, is just the person to help you get “unstuck” and pursue your purpose with passion and confidence! Sometimes you need to seek mentorship and guidance from outside the organization that has an non - biased approach to take you and your career to the next level, Amanda is just that person.

With thoughtful questioning she has helped me to define and refine a plan of action for myself and equipped me with tools to take on bigger challenges. With a depth of personal business experience and coaching to draw from, working with Amanda is rare opportunity to not pass by”

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