Someone who knows you are called to lead in a bigger and more purposeful way?

Wanting to make a major impact in your company, community, or personal business now and not later?

Searching for the tools to fully step into your true essence and most powerful self?

Knowing that deep down you have not even scratched the surface of your potential?

Seeking a successful mentor to help coach and strategize with you on how to impact those that you lead and that look up to you?

Desiring to be recognized and admired on a larger scale?

Needing a clear system to move forward with the ideas you have buried deep down inside?

Desiring to take your own leadership strategy and potential to a whole different level?

Wanting to make in impact and leave your mark in the position and company you have chosen?

Looking for strategies on how to up the standards for everyone that works with or for you?

1:1 coaching with Amanda is for the ambitious woman who is ready to take that journey to
reach her highest potential.

You know the inner work to get to that next level is not always going to be easy, but
you also know that quantum leaps don’t come from taking the easy road.

Are you...


BRONZE LEVEL- 90 Minute Laser Strategy Session - $99
SILVER LEVEL- 4 Session 30 day Transformation - $497
GOLD LEVEL- 90 Day Coaching  Package Apply Below

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Define what it means to have an extraordinary quality of life and how you define success at an every day level and core feeling.
Uncover what you need to take your life to the next level of success, impact, and happiness.
Harness the courage to face the truth of where you are and the path to where you want to be

The first step is to become laser focused on what you want and craft a clear and compelling vision for your success with depth.



Create an effective and efficient game plan with markers to hit your target vision
Take the steps to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be
Follow a proven roadmap and seek out the right training to improve your skillset where needed

The second step is creating the strategy with the right tools and road map on how to achieve the vision you have clearly defined for yourself.



Understand your personal blueprint on how you view life and what may have been holding you back in the past towards achievement
Discover and eliminate your old limiting beliefs and understand how they may have held you back in the past
Move forward and maintain lasting change and fulfillment

The final step is the final integration into taking massive action while remaining in alignment with your core values.



Join Amanda in The VIP Woman Signature 90 Day 1:1 Coaching Program.

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