Meet Amanda, Founder of The VIP Woman

Hi there! In case we have not met yet… my name is Amanda and I am the Founder of The VIP Woman.
To give you a glimpse into my my days are split between being a fur mama to my baby girl Ginger and coaching successful women in business across the country to become the full VIP Woman version of themselves while attracting high quality, high end clientele into their business or careers. I believe EVERY woman was BORN TO LEAD and I love helping women unlock that full leadership potential within.
I’m an ex pharmaceutical rep, turned franchise owner and leader for the last 6 years, turned online Leadership and Success Coach and Workshop facilitator. This dream of The VIP Woman came to me back in 2018 and have been building this community ever since mid last year!
I started this platform when I realized there was a gap in the marketplace for successful high achieving woman getting the support they deserved. I know firsthand that it can be lonely at the top, and my mission is to create a platform to support the women in leadership and business owners with the unbiased support and and coaching that they need. I absolutely love the clients that I work with and the work we do together.
What you might not know about me:
  1. I am a FIERCE competitive ballroom dancer ( I may have a slight competitive streak)
  2. I’m OBSESSED with learning, personal development, and all thins psychology of the mind and sales.
  3. I am a BARRE workout junkie and workout from home gal (anyone wth me?!)
  4. I am a sucker for anything with the words BRUNCH or CHAMPAGNE attached to it.
  5. I moved myself to AUSTIN TX 6 years ago on a whim..loved it but am now back home in CHICAGO!
  6. I am secretly an INTROVERT! I get my energy by recharging at home with a good book ūüôā
  7. I am a fiery ARIES through and through. Diamond’s are my birthstone and favorite gem!!


My goals that aren’t SO secret anymore:
  1. To become a internationally recognized thought leader in the education and content space of Leadership, Business, and Sales.
  2. To fund a non-profit dedicated to providing personal development workshops and resources for underprivileged girls across the world.
  3. To write a New York Times Bestselling Book (Already have the title and chapters planned out!)
  4. Collaborate with Marie Forleo and Brendon Burchard (two of my biggest role models in business and life!)
  5. Speak on a stage to to thousands in a stadium on what I have learned in Business and Life.
What makes me good at what I do:
  1. I have been coaching women (and men!) in business and sales for the last 5+ years.
  2. I know what it takes to build a successful business from scratch and succeed longterm (built 2 franchises from the ground up while coaching a team of 25+ to do the same)
  3. I believe wealth is your birthright. I know the right mindset you need to have to make multi-six figures a year  and beyond as I have.
  4. I love blending what I learned about the psychology of sales, leadership, and business success to coach women on how to fully show up in their business as the woman they were born to be while building their business with their dream clientele. No more energy sucking clients!
  5. I have the perspective of corporate, franchise business, leadership training, and online business to meet you exactly where you are.



After building successful teams and business owners for other companies for years, I knew it was time to strike out on my own and be able to reach MORE successful women in business that truly desire to lead a life and business of VISION.IMPACT.PURPOSE. Hence when The VIP Woman was formed and established!!!
I am so excited to digitally meet you!!! Please share in the comments below..what is your ULTIMATE dream for your life or business?
Here is a link to watch a quick 4 minute video to learn more about me!
To book a free strategy call with Amanda, schedule here:

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