How to get 8 Hours of Time Back in your Week

When I very first started running a business, between learning new systems, focusing on sales, and discovering what it actually takes to succeed in business…managing my schedule effectively sometimes fell way to the wayside.


If I could do it all again and implement these tips below I would have saved so many headaches! Now more than ever, we need to recommit to mastering our schedules and running our day instead of it running us.


It all starts with tracking your time. Start a log of what activities happen throughout the day starting with 15 minute increments. You will be shocked how much extra time you find! After you have an awareness of where your time is going, implement the below tips to find those extra hours in your day.



  1. Adopt the 3:2 split. Decide what 3 days of your week will be focused on client interacting and revenue generating activity, and what 2 days will be focused on more of the backend side of the business such as content planning, administrative, and expense reporting.


  1. Add in 50 minute time blocks.Utilize 50 minutes of time working and 10 minutes off. Studies in psychology have shown that the human brain has less attention span focusing any longer than 50 minutes, and this also increases your awareness if you are spending too much time on an activity.


  1. Set a timer for each task. Create a game out of some of the most tedious tasks that typically take you hours and see how much you can accomplish in a shorter increment like 20-30 minutes but setting a stop watch timer on you phone.


  1. Buy a paper planner. Yes this an old school trick! Although all of the apps and digital calendars are great, there is still power in the written word and seeing your goals written out in front of you on paper. It’s also a great place to jot down any ideas or inspiration that may come to you throughout the day and track progress.


  1. Treat social media as work, not consumption. Something that has helped immensely has been to limit social media to 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night to prevent unnecessary scrolling and creating it to be more productive.



Remember time is the one resource as business owners we cannot get back so use these tips above to use it well!

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