Becoming a Visionary

What does it truly mean to have vision? The butterflies in your stomach, ear-to-ear smile, soul led kind of vision?


Some individuals may place the idea of Vision Mapping in the goal setting or setting New Year’s Resolutions category, but it is actually quite different than just making a cookie cutter 5-year plan.


Rather than simply putting together a list of goals and milestones to achieve in the next 3-5 years.. how often do we stop and ask ourselves if we reallyfeltexactly the same way that we feel today 5 years from now…would we be truly fully living our lives? Would that mean we were living a successful life? Maybe you are truly happy with where you are at in life..or possibly you are not.


This is a question I have grappled with over the years both in and out of corporate positions, and there are a few fundamental truths that I feel encompass the concept of what it means to be not only hold onto a vision, but actually become it.



  1. Truth #1: Vision is more about the where you are going rather than the what or how.


We cannot get too attached to the strategy or vehicle we feel will get us to our vision as we evolve and change, over time.. and global pandemics can arise that make us scrap it! As an achiever myself, I know there have been times where I felt tied to a strategy for way too long before I realized that it was not the right strategy for me, and had to get reconnected to the where behind my vision rather than just the what.


If the feeling of un- fulfillment has been happening for years, we may be too attached to the vehicle we have identified as the method to getting what we desire.. but it ultimately may not be the best option for us. Do a gut check to see if you are headed to the right place


  1. Truth #2: Do not confuse distractions disguised as opportunities.


In order to stay aligned with our vision, we also cannot believe that every opportunity that comes our way is going to be the last of its kind to present itself.


Opportunities for truly talented people are a dime a dozen. If you provide massive value and are constantly seeking to evolve and grow as a person, massive opportunities are everywhere. Just look up!


Provide value where you are until you can say yes to the opportunities that fully align with Truth #1 above. Be aware of distractions that are disguised as opportunities but do not align with your desires.


Truth #3: Give voice to your vision


Vision leaks. It needs to be refueled. When we are fully aligned with our value systems, it actually becomes enjoyable to check in with what actions daily are taking us closer or further away from our true vision for our lives.


This is beyond just making a “to do” list. This is about documenting the progress and decisions that you are making that are truly breathing life into or away from your vision. Decision-making is of the utmost importance here. Are you feeling engaged with life or on autopilot? Frequently revisiting your vision and where you desire to be can help ensure you are leading a life of your choosing and not a life of to do’s with no true meaning.


Hopefully now you have an idea on the importance of whybecoming a visionary is so important to our happiness and fulfillment, but how do we go about defining this you ask?


I will cover that in a future article!

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  1. Jordann says:

    I love this! Especially the important reminders not to get too attached to the strategy used to implement your vision, or engage with ALL THE THINGS that seem to be opportunities. Thanks for sharing!!

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