Attracting More Abundance into Your Every Day Life

Many people are familiar with the concept of a scarcity mindset vs. an abundant mindset. Being in sales for over the last decade, one thing that I have always believed was one of my “superpowers” is the ability to focus on the abundance in my life in a practical way to help attract more of it into my life.

Below are 5 simple tips on attracting more abundance into your everyday life.

Number 1: Give Money a Purpose

Where exactly is the money that you would like to attract going to?

The truth is money needs a direction. For example, when we set goals in life or business it is a lot more powerful to know that if we bring in an extra $1,000 a month where it will be going.

$1,000 is just a number with no emotion attached to it. But if we know $500 is going towards paying off debt, $500 is going towards saving for college, $500 is going into saving for retirement, and $500 is going into a splurge account – that financial goal has a much higher likelihood of actually occurring.

And bonus – it’s a lot more fun ­čśë

Number 2: Tracking Abundance

How often do you remind yourself of all the abundance and money that is already showing up in your life? This is a game that I love to recommend to those that I coach and they always come back surprised at how much this changes their outlook on money.

The goal is to keep a journal or tracker of some sort with you at all times. Track when any sort of unexpected income or opportunity comes into your life that you could not have predicted otherwise.

Example – finding money on the street or in an old pair of jeans. A friend picking up the tab for lunch. Receiving an unexpected gift or money in the mail. Having someone pay for your coffee in line at the coffee shop.

The goal here is to train your mind on all the good and abundance ALREADY coming into your life so that you are more open to receiving more of it.

Just try it and see if it doesn’t change your perspective!

Number 3: Focus on All of the Ways You Can Create Money

Regardless of our industry, we can get caught up in the grind of making new sales, the bottom line numbers, or increasing revenue. While numbers are critical, sometimes taking a step back and listing our ALL the ways that we can bring in income into our careers or business can feel more expansive and be a great reminder of all the opportunities we have.

Get creative here! This exercise also really helps to relieve some pressure if you are feeling in a bit of a financial rut.

Are you keeping ALL of your lines of potential revenue and income generation activities open?

VIP Tip: Make a list of 10 ways that money can come into your life today. I promise you will feel more expansive.

Number 4: Increase Your Value to Increase Your Income

The human experience is about making progress. If we do not feel at a core level that we are improving or expanding as a person, we actually feel like we are dying inside.

When we learn a new skill set or expand our knowledge base, it increases our self-esteem. Higher self-esteem leads to more confidence. More confidence increases the likelihood of people wanting to work with you! This can directly impact how many new clients or business opportunities come your way by expanding your skillsets that add to your development as an overall person.

There are many ways you can increase your skillset either directly related to your job or not. Examples like attending a workshop in your professional field over the weekend. Researching personal development events in your city to attend. Deciding to learn a new language or a new hobby like ballroom dance (which is what I chose to do!).

VIP Tip: Feeling low self-esteem? Make a list of ALL of your accomplishments that you have accomplished over the years. It’s ok to take a few minutes to express the sh** out of yourself.

Number 5: Incorporate the 10/10/10 Rule

How are you splitting up the money that comes into your life?

I know that the idea of budgeting every dollar always feels a bit restrictive so I have adopted a way of honoring my money that serves me better. I was introduced to the 10.1010 rule by a mentor a couple of years ago and follow it every month to this day.

The breakdown is 10% towards savings – a reminder that you do have enough, 10% towards giving – reinforces that you will always have enough, 10% goes to a splurge account – reinforces the idea that money is a renewable resource. That still leaves you with the remaining 70% to do as you please.

VIP Tip: Look into a low-risk investment account like Acorns to have on your phone where you can directly save that 10% without even thinking about it. Set up a separate debit card for your splurge account. Watch your money grow at your fingertips!

Hopefully, these practical tips have served you well and have made you think a bit more outside the box on how to attract more money and abundance into your life!


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